lena tsokalenko  fashion brand founded in 2003 when the designer run her own design-studio in Minsk (Belarus). Since 2001 Lena Tsokalenko has been a member of the Belarusian Designers Union. Since 2002 she has been participating in the most important fashion events of the Eastern Europe getting positive professional critics and reviews of the specialized media in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and the Baltics.

Since 2007 she has presented collections at the most famous concept store in Moscow – LE FORM. From 2008 Lena has been actively participating in international trade shows – Collection Première Moscow, Collection Première Dusseldorf, GALLERY Berlin. Being a headliner MBFW brand has repeatedly held top positions among the best collections of the season. In 2015 Tsokalenko presented a new collection at the TRANOÏ Femme Trade Show in Paris, which increased interest of international buyers and fashion experts.

Atelier is specialized in prêt-a-porter and semi-couture collections for women. Defining Lena Tsokalenko`s style, it`s quaint, laconic and intellectual fashion statement. Moving on «the path of non-intervention», she turns transparent silk and other fine natural fabrics to oversize, multilayering shapes of artisanal clothes. Exclusive approach in creating dresses attracts the people of artistic and bohemian circles, actresses and celebrities, everyone who strives for natural harmony in style. What Lena Tsokalenko’s clients enjoy the most is her unique looks and sophisticated craftsmanship of her atelier in Minsk.

Philosophy of the brand:

Initial collections full of delicacy and romantic colors have left its place to the dazzling creativity of the designer.

Every fashion year Tsokalenko starts with a refreshing concept aimed at modernization of her brand without losing sight of its basics: natural fabrics, mostly silks and precious cashmeres, multi-layering, gorgeous accessories, concise silhouettes, intricate cuts.

Her latest designs only underline how deep her understanding of her proper brand evolution and modern fashion world goes beyond her traditional clients expectations looking for a much wider audience and for a challenge, especially towards herself and her talent.

Her stylistic spirits tend to Belgian school of fashion – too analytical and too intellectual, very much calculative and very much mathematical profoundly bounded to the concept of femininity. Gracious, beautiful, and elegant, with a delicate line of waist and hips, comfortable lengths and a slightly oversize looks.

04/2015 RTW AW ’15 -’16, TRUNK SHOW (Minsk, Belarus)
03/2015 RTW AW ’15 -’16, MBFW (Moscow, Russia)
10/2014 RTW AW ’14 -’15, TRUNK SHOW (Minsk, Belarus)
04/2014 RTW AW ’14 -’15, MBFW (Moscow, Russia)
01/2014 RTW AW ’14 -’15, GALLERY (Berlin, Germany)
10/2013 RTW SS 2014, MBFW (Moscow, Russia)
03/2013 RTW FW ’13 -’14, BFW (Minsk, Belarus)
03/2013 RTW FW ’13 -’14, BFW (Riga, Latvia)
03/2013 RTW FW ’13 -’14, MBFW (Moscow, Russia)
10/2012 RTW SS 2013, MBFW (Moscow, Russia)
03/2012 RTW FW ’12 -’13, MBFW (Moscow, Russia)
10/2011 RTW SS 2012, MBFW (Moscow, Russia)
04/2011 RTW FW ’11 -’12, BFW (Minsk, Belarus)
03/2011 RTW FW ’11 -’12, MBFW (Moscow, Russia)
10/2010 RTW SS 2011, MBFW (Moscow, Russia)
09/2010 RTW SS 2011, BFW (Minsk, Belarus)
09/2010 RTW SS 2011, CPM (Moscow, Russia)
07/2010 RTW SS 2011, CPD (Dusseldorf, Germany)
04/2010 RTW FW ’10 -’11, RFW (Moscow, Russia)
10/2009 RTW SS 2010, RFW (Moscow, Russia)
03/2009 RTW FW ’09-’10, RFW (Moscow, Russia)
02/2009 RTW FW ’09-’10, CPM (Moscow, Russia)
10/2008 RTW SS 2009, RFW (Moscow, Russia) The collection was included into TOP 10 of “Industriya Mody”/Fashion industry professional fashion-magazine (Russia)
09/2008 RTW SS 2009, CPM (Moscow, Russia)
04/2008 RTW FW ’08-’09, SFW (Novosibirsk, Russia)
03/2008 RTW FW ’08-’09, RFW (Moscow, Russia)
11/2007 RTW SS 2008, BFW (Minsk, Belarus)
03/2007 RTW FW ’07-‘08, MFW, Gostinyj dvor (Moscow, Russia). The collection was included into TOP 10 of “Industriya Mody”/Fashion industry professional fashion-magazine (Russia)
10/2006 RTW SS 2007, MFW, Gostinyj Dvor (Moscow, Russia)
03/2006 RTW FW ’06-‘07, RFW (Moscow, Russia)
10/2005 RTW SS 2006, Russian Fashion Week (RFW, Moscow, Russia)
03/2005 RTW FW ’05-‘06, MFW (Moscow, Russia)
10/2004 RTW SS 2005, MFW (Moscow, Russia)
03/2004 RTW FW ‘04-‘05, MFW (Moscow, Russia)
10/2003 RTW SS 2004, MFW (Moscow, Russia)
03/2003 RTW FW ‘03-‘04, MFW (Moscow, Russia)
10/2002 RTW SS 2003, Moscow Fashion Week (MFW), Moscow, Russia
2003 Personal design-studio established
2002 “Days of Haute Couture in Kaliningrad”/Dni Vysokoj Mody v Kaliningrade, grand-prix
2001- 2002 Byelorussian Fashion Centre, fashion-designer (Minsk, Belarus)
2001 International fashion-designers contest “Catwalk-Prestige”/Podium-Prestige (Kiev, Ukraine)
2001 International fashion-designers contest “Fashion Mill”/Melnitsa mody (Minsk, Belarus), participant
1999 (2001, 2002) International contest for professional fashion-designers “White Amphora”/Belaya Amphora (Vitebsk, Belarus), prize-winner
1999 Arts Festival “Slavonic Market”/Slaviankij Bazar (Vitebsk, Belarus), participant of the “New Generation Fashion and Music”
1999 Avant-garde and alternative fashion International contest “MAMONT” (Minsk, Belarus), prize-winner
1998 Avant-garde and alternative fashion International contest “MAMONT” (Minsk, Belarus), prize-winner

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